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Current Exhibitions

Marianne Lovink


Opening Reception: Saturday January 21
Exhibition continues until February 19

Marianne Lovink’s sculptures are hybrid forms, developed through her interest in exploring the juncture of art and science, a place where fiction meets fact. The works in this exhibition, Counterpoint, were developed through the artist’s experimentations with new materials and construction techniques. Lovink’s cut, bent and assembled structural elements, emphasize the linear aspect and the vital play of positive and negative light and shadow, always a signature element of her work. Each piece began as a formal investigation into line and space, without any preconceived ideas, to allow for the intuitive and sometimes random outcomes to dictate the final configuration. They hint at the whimsical, the architectural and the natural becoming unnatural. The linear movement in her new work combined with modernist bits of color give the viewer an additional taste of Lovink’s skill in giving engaging and fresh three dimensional form to her intuitive explorations.

Upcoming Exhibitions

20 Years Kostuik Gallery

20 Years Kostuik Gallery

20 Years Kostuik Gallery, Anniversary Exhibition
Reception & Celebration Party
February 23, 6-9pm
Exhibtion runs from
February 23 – March 26, 2017

James Verbicky  Mindstream

James Verbicky

Opening Reception: April 1, 2017
Exhibition runs from April 1 – 30, 2017
First solo show of the Canadian born, now California resident, James Verbicky. Verbicky debuted the media paintings series, three dimensional surfaces that transcend traditional painting and venture into the realm of sculpture by utilizing media and graphics, advertisements, and obsolete branding materials – often taken from vintage magazines. Using acrylic paint, panel and resin (with some works employing LEDs),

Past Exhibitions

8th Annual Silent Art Auction

8th Annual Silent Art Auction

For our 8th year we present a selection of special artworks all under CAD $3000, with bidding starting at 25% less their value. Silent bidding is in person, by email or by telephone, therefore you do not need to be present to bid!

Realms, New Paintings

Realms, New Paintings

by Sasha Rogers
Sept. 15th – Oct. 9th, 2016
Opening Reception:
Saturday, Sept. 15th at 5pm


New Artworks

New Artworks

New Paintings by James Verbicky and Curtis Cutshaw. new sculptures by Matt Devine and Arno Kortschot


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Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

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