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Sasha Rogers

September 15 - October 9

Realms, New Paintings

Opening Night: Thursday, September 15, 5pm-8pm, with Artist in attendance.
Artist talk: 7pm

Art has the possibility to express the mysterious beauty and complexity of the physical universe. Nature and its monumental landscapes have the power to reenergize the spirit.

The pleasure of seeing, the sacredness of place and the connection to creation (nature) - these are the primal human experiences that I draw from.

In expressing space on a flat plane I push, pull, scrape, scratch, add and subtract. It feels very real, or naturalistic, but also feels illusive and abstract.

These tensions blur the sense of time and space suggesting a place which is placeless - where time and space are suspended and elusive, yet real in that moment.

Because of the way I use the raw canvas, spaces can appear as positive and negative voids simultaneously.

They are translucent and opaque.

The perspective is above and below…the eye is in flight, but also grounded. These perceived opposites create a dynamic unity.

The composition is a myriad of visual experiences working together in harmony on the picture plane.

In painting, as in all forms of communication, often the greatest meaning occurs in the interval between what is invented and what is invited.

Similarly, poetry in painting occurs between relationships, that is, it occurs when you leave room for it. As an artist, I commit myself to a poetic dance in the immeasurable - that place of equanimity between matter and spirit.

Because these ideas exist between what is real and ineffable; the viewer, the artist and the painting are in a relationship. I, as the artist, am, in fact in-between you (the viewer) and the painting.

The value of a painting rests in the viewer and the spiritual forces aroused in this dance of the eye and the spirit.

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Recent Exhibitions

David Burdeny

June 25 - July 31st

Salt & Veld, New Landscape Photographs

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 25, 2pm-5pm

SALT pushes the preferred minimalist palette of this artist with ariel views of Mexico, Utah and Australia. Now it becomes an explosive array of colors contained between sinuous lines of rivers, roads and tracks either man-made, Nature made or both. These abstract presentations appear closely akin to the 1950s and 1960’s period of painting history, making the observer question whether they are looking at a painting or a photograph.

VELD focuses on the annual spring growing season in Flevoland, The Netherlands, the largest tulip area in the region. Flying in an open door helicopter at 250-500 feet, Burdeny had to time the shoot precisely to capture the fields at peak bloom.

The artist’s first color abstract landscapes - DRIFT of 2000-2006, a series of moving and still photographic images collected during travels through Canada, France, Japan, England, Belgium and the USA, catalogued the shifting light and color of the world’s oceans and shorelines into horizontal “bands”. 16 years later, Burdeny welcomes the viewer to experience the incredible color abstraction of these ordered fields from afar and then the extreme details of the flower blooms revealed at nose length.

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Featured Artist

Jim Kazanjian

Aberrations, Anomalies & Others, Photographic Montages

The images of Jim Kazanjian are digitally manipulated composites built from photographs he finds through the internet. The technique used could be considered “hyper-collage”. Manipulating and assembling a disparate array of multiple photographic elements (sometimes more than 50) can produce a single homogenized image without the use of a camera at any stage in the process..

The method of construction has an improvisational and random quality to it, since it is largely driven by the source material available. Wading through his archive constantly and searching for interesting combinations and relationships, each new piece brought to the composition informs the image’s potential direction. It is an iterative and organic process where the end result is many times removed from its origin. The work acts as a type of mutation which can haphazardly spawn in numerous and unpredictable directions

Featured Artwork

Upcoming Exhibitions

Sasha Rogers

September 15th - October 9th, 2016
Opening: Thursday, Sept. 15th
Sasha Rogers Artist Talk at 7pm
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Georg Kuettinger

Landscapes: remixed
October 15th - November 20th, 2016
Opening: Saturday, Oct. 15th, 3-6pm

Art Fair: CONTEXT Art Miami

Midtown | Wynwood Arts District, 2901 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, FL 33137
November 30th - December 4th, 2016
VIP Opening: Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 5-10pm

Annual Silent Art Auction

All art works under $3000
Bidding begins: Saturday, Dec. 3rd
Bidding ends with Holiday Party: Saturday, Dec. 17th

Recent Exhibitions

David Burdeny

Salt & Veld, New Landscape Photographs
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