Current Exhibition

Steven Goring 'The Space in Between'

June 4, 2015 - June 28, 2015

Featured artists: Steven Goring

Opening night Jun 4th 12:00-9:00pm

Q&A Welcome

The varied landscape and atmospheric light qualities of Vancouver Island have continually served as inspiration and are explored and portrayed in Steven Goring’s 8th solo exhibition with the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery. Shapes blend together to create layered compositions with shimmering, undulating light, earthy hues, and exceptionally fine brushstroke detail.


I find myself exploring various spaces between representational and non-representational, objective and non-objective or natural design versus human design.  It is when these two opposing ideas meander into one another creating a less defined idea or vagueness that interest me. My work usually has a background layer and a foreground layer made up of various markings.  There is no perspective, however there is depth. The depth becomes the middle space. I am influenced by everyday observations of nature such as the play of light on trees, the movement of water or the arrangement of plant material. These observations, being micro or macro, make their way into my image making.


No.45, 2015
Oil on Linen over Wood Panel
59 x 59 x 1.75 inches


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