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David Burdeny

Library, Parma, Italy, 2016

 Vancouver, Canada, based David Burdeny has exhibited with the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery since 2001, showcasing his
images from the world over, including Antarctica, Iceland, Brazil, China, Burma, Cambodia, France, Italy, Canada and the
USA. Known for his finely composed photographs, David Burdeny has spent the past 15 years exploring a variegated
photographic Landscape ranging from minimal seascapes, ornate European interiors to abstract aerial images. Widely
collected in Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe, the sheer beauty of David’s images has firmly placed him within the
realm of Canada’s most sought after photo-based artists. David’s willingness to take risks, eschew dogma and
continuously pursue his innate curiosity for new subjects and themes has become a signature element in his work. Be it
mounting a camera beneath a self -built drone, shooting from the deck of an Antarctic bound icebreaker or waiting for an
ocean tide to advance, David faithfully imbeds his own formal signature into each and every image further expressing a
life long passion for the built environment and the camera’s interpretation of it. Distinctly David Burdeny, the photographs
are rigorous yet graceful, inviting the viewer to form their own narrative as if they too were passing through the space or
gazing into the horizon for the very first time.

1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969
E. [email protected]