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Sasha Rogers

Realms, New Paintings

Sept. 15th - Oct. 9th, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday, Sept. 15th at 5pm

Art has the possibility to express the mysterious beauty and complexity of the physical universe. Nature and its monumental landscapes have the power to reenergize the spirit.

The pleasure of seeing, the sacredness of place and the connection to creation (nature) – these are the primal human experiences that I draw from.

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In expressing space on a flat plane I push, pull, scrape, scratch, add and subtract. It feels very real, or naturalistic, but also feels illusive and abstract.

These tensions blur the sense of time and space suggesting a place which is placeless – where time and space are suspended and elusive, yet real in that moment.

Because of the way I use the raw canvas, spaces can appear as positive and negative voids simultaneously.

They are translucent and opaque.

The perspective is above and below…the eye is in flight, but also grounded. These perceived opposites create a dynamic unity.

The composition is a myriad of visual experiences working together in harmony on the picture plane.

In painting, as in all forms of communication, often the greatest meaning occurs in the interval between what is invented and what is invited.

Similarly, poetry in painting occurs between relationships, that is, it occurs when you leave room for it. As an artist, I commit myself to a poetic dance in the immeasurable – that place of equanimity between matter and spirit.

Because these ideas exist between what is real and ineffable; the viewer, the artist and the painting are in a relationship. I, as the artist, am, in fact in-between you (the viewer) and the painting.

The value of a painting rests in the viewer and the spiritual forces aroused in this dance of the eye and the spirit.

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1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969