Made in Canada

Made in Canada

James Lahey

Made in Canada

Spring, 2019

James Lahey, painter and photographer is presenting new oil paintings from his well received collection “Made in Canada” showcasing “Flag of Canada” and “Canada Geese” and a selection of works from 2016 onward

1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969
E. [email protected]

Inner Vision

Inner Vision

Carola Compa and AJ Oishi

Inner Vision

Exhibition continues to April 10, 2019

Inner Vision focuses on the similar desires and aesthetic presentations of ceramic artist Carola Compa and painter AJ Oishi.

Introducing the paintings of AJ Oishi, this US based artist incorporates the use of thousands of equally measured circles of paint that radiate in color apparitions from a bull’s eye composition.  AJ’s art making employs her science background with a drive to exude an emotive inner response to her outside experiences.

Kostuik Gallery is equally pleased to to introduce the ceramic works of Argentina based Carola Compa. Based on her studies in Architecture, it is the shapes that arise from the trace of imaginary lines- they are the invisible record for her of the movement in time. The movements emerge from the perception of her body, her bones exploring the space, hence her forms much resemble those of skeletal structures.

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Marco Querin

Marco Querin

Marco Querin

My life has been one of constant change and adaptation, both unsettling and exciting conditions by which one can still grow and thrive, but that can make it difficult to anticipate outcome and overall direction. Consequently I am intrigued by all that can be controlled. My fiber-based work has, in itself, characteristics derived by this reality such as fragility, tension, elasticity and equilibrium, and only through a precision-based controlled execution, my work comes to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and an end in sight.

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Artist Website:

Marco Querin is a former resident of Milano, Italy and therefore grew up in one of the world’s most renowned regions for fashion, visual art and architectural design. His fondest childhood memory is the way the light would cast rays across his home’s furniture, rugs and other accessories, breaking up the colors and creating new images to ponder. Querin imprints his demands on his materials, looking for three-dimensional solutions for his world of ideas.His extroversion of the traditional canvas is conveyed through a mixed use of fabrics, textiles (thin cottons or silks, thick and rustic wools or rope) and even household materials (PCV tubing, copper, wire) create abstract compositions of color fields, geometric design elements in his own formal language - a nod to the aesthetics and expressions of ground breaking artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Agnes Martin.

There is a Child in Mewas Querin’s 2016 solo exhibition at IMOCA –The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and was comprised of wall mounts and installation pieces. Querin has shown in numerous international venues including exhibitions in London UK, Dubai and Mumbai. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marco Querin

Born: 1978, Italy

Solo Exhibitions

2019Gallery 924, Arts Council of Indianapolis, USA

2016There is a child in me!, iMOCA Indianapolis, USA

2015Ichinen, Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, USA

2010​ ​“Fili Conduttori”, Gallery Studio, Milan

2009​ ​“Linealineapuntolinea, SuperstudioPiu, By Glores Sandri, Milan

2008“trame astratte”, Varart Gallery, By Vanna Razzolini Vichi, Florence

Contemporary Art, By Giorgio Bonomi, Milan

Palazzo dei Sette Museum, By Giorgio Bonomi, Orvieto, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2018Auction, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Conduit Gallery, Project Room, Dallas, USA

Axis Architecture, iMOC, Indianapolis, USA

2016The Future Past, By Anne Surak, Art+Place, Central State Hospital, Indianapolis, USA

2015Temporary Suburban, By Michelle Grabner, IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, USA

2013Benefit Auction, World Childhood Foundation, Italy

“The Masks We Wear”, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

2012Italian Artists in Monte Carlo

East Wing X, Courtauld Institute or Art, London

Milan Jam, By Day and Gluckman, Collier Bristow Space, London Art Fair, Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy

“About Women”, Galleria Studio, Milan

2010 Quipus, Fiber Art Exhibition, Rossano, Italy

“Eastern and Western traditions linked by a Washi paper thread”, Tokyo, Milan

2009“Plaza- 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall, in collaboration with the Foreign Consulates of Milan, J &G Art Studio Gallery, Milan

CONmunication, Nhow Hotel, Milan

2008“Trame”- Kairos, Galleria d’ arte contemporanea, By Cristina Marinelli Catanzaro, Italy

“Cristalli di Rocca”, By Giorgio Bonomi, Rocca Grimalda, Italy

Masters of Brera, Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai

Art Fairs

2011India Art Summit, Stark Projects, New Delhi

2010Art Fair, Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy

2009​ ​ST’ART, Strasbourg

​ ​Art Elysees, Paris

Bergamo Arte Fiera, Bergamo, Italy

Kunstart, Bolzano, Italy


2007Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Dubai

SFJAF, Shanghai

          Cornice, Venice International Art Fair, Venice

Corporate Collections

Cummins Inc. Indianapolis, USA

Gandini Fasterners, Milan, Italy

Collezione Manuli, Milan Italy

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David Elliott

David Elliott

David Elliott

The Paper Trail

Every, single, day was spent in hope. Waiting for the postman to arrive with a letter that I had anticipated for days, even weeks for. Joy,or disappointment? What would this day bring? Running down the driveway, having caught a glimpse of the delivery car – only to be left disenchanted as I trudge back empty handed. Day after day seemed like a test of patience until finally, a letter in hand at long last. An insurmountable joy ushered me back to the house.

Guided by my jittery hand, the letter-knife seamlessly sliced through the envelope – my heartbeat erratic in anticipation of those first few words. Often reading the letter would be delayed, overtaken and overwhelmed by a wave of memories from a few pictures, tiny paper hearts or even a waft of perfume spilling out like treasures from a memory bank. Those glorious words read like a screenplay, attentive to every detail, this was an alliance between both your thoughts and the writer’s. Read on numerous occasions, all those cherished and priceless letters remain in my possession till this very day.

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My project, The Paper Trail, looks at the fading art of letter writing, age-old styles of penmanship that have spirited away – and the aftermath the rapid decline of these traditions has had on society. Giving the public a taste of nostalgia and romanticism, and at the same time, providing a platform for writing that first letter, The Paper Trail aims to rejuvenate a seemingly obsolete form of communication. A number of factors have led to the vast reduction of handwritten letters, tracing back to 1972 with the introduction of electronic mail. The continued growth within the communication sector has now seen the world seeded with 6 hundred million user accounts since social media’s launch in 1997. While speedy communication may be integral for success in today’s business, these modern-day styles has profoundly affected the way people engage with one another.

We now see groups of friends at restaurants, each occupied with their mobile devices, while families at home often text message each other from room to room. Intimate moments we could have shared with our family, friends, loved ones or even strangers are lost forever and unless we begin a conscious effort to save some of the older, traditional methods of engagement we will essentially turn into a society of robots, incapable of eye-contact, glued to our devices, incapable of human interest, enslaved to and perhaps by technology.

The captivating letterbox portraits of The Paper Trail take us into a journey, a long walk down memory lane. Decades of local history forged together through the telescope of modern vision, has created this series of richly storied, beautifully textured imagery.

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Born in Hope, British Columbia, David Elliott moved to Hong Kong in 2003. While traveling around the world for photographic shoots and film projects as a model and actor, Elliott’s captivation with the dynamic changing landscapes around Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China and the Himalayas cemented his stay in Asia.

Elliott’s creative vision began to take form from his base in Hong Kong, a neighbour to Guangdong – the birthplace of his great grandfather Chow Dong Hoy. His ancestor’s Canadian frontier photos – rare glimpses into the juxtaposition of cultures of Indigenous peoples, settlers and migrant workers in Canada in the early 1900’s, inspired Elliott’s desire to portray the essence of a culture’s makeup through the man made architecture and objects used to function and exist in our 21 Century. Through extensive urban exploration and back country travel Elliott strives to discover the unique characteristics of his destinations and their inhabitants, his documentary fine art imagery preserving the long-standing elements within a modern edged framework. The span of Elliott’s work, widespread and varied from project to project, is unified by a unique stylistic flow. His attentive contemplation of each subject draws on two decades behind and in front of the camera, giving rise to images that are both imaginative and provocative.

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Carola Compa

Carola Compa

Carola Compa

I was always fascinated with the concept of Moebius strip, where the endless undefined, is the “structural framework” of my current works. It is Moebius and the search of the logic of the constant flow of the curves that regulates the movement. As an eternal french curve tool.

The flow of the movement of certain marine creatures Is also a space reference. There are no straight lines, unseen gravity, no upwards, nor downwards, no ground to bear. My pieces have no base, neither front nor back, they can be hanged or supported anyway. Each choice reveals different spaces and different voids fluidly connected.

The choice of materiality has to do with the sensory experimentation of the hands in the clay, with the satisfaction of the touch and with time of the ceramic that allows me to explore movements and spaces. I can flow, rock in curves, wander, until I find the movement of each piece. It is the material that sets the temporal and physical limits, I simply look for them and that gives the result of each piece. The material delimits the thicknesses, the tensions, the supporting structure. With respect to the material, I leave it uncovered, showing its matter without makeup or glazes. I work at the cellular level of the mass, adding elements to achieve different textures and tensions. The size of the pieces has to do with the size of my bones, of my interstitial space, currently exploring the subtle points in depth.

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Artist Website:

Carola Compa graduated with honors in architecture from Rosario National University, Argentina in 2002. She worked in the field of Interior Design and explored furniture design to then focus entirely on three -dimensional abstract sculptures. Her medium of choice is ceramic. Compa explains, as she builds her pieces, she uses her senses to connect with her sculptures, sensing the touch of the curves that translate into visual spaces that flow through the form. For her, the shapes arise from the trace of imaginary lines- they are the invisible record of the movement in time. The movements emerge from the perception of her body, her bones exploring the space. On other occasions, the form emerges from the conscious observation of the geometries of nature forming a juxtaposed network of curves that build voids, or voids that build curves.

As an emerging artist, Compa has already received national attention in her native country of Argentina. In 2014, Compa was awarded 3rdPlace Art Category for Teapot National Bienal Misiones University and in 2015 a National Award, Ceramic Sculptures at the Exhibition at the distinguished Palais de Glace - National Palace of the Art, Buenos Aires. In 2017 her work was selected for the National Art Fund and the 58th International Art Content in Centro Argentino de Arte Ceramico. She started exhibiting with Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in 2019.

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