Intimate Specimens

Intimate Specimens

Lyle XOX

Intimate Specimens

Sept. 10th - Oct. 18th

Opening dates: Thursday, September 10th, 5-9pm and Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2pm-5pm with Artist in Attendance

Vancouver BC-based artist Lyle Reimer – LYLE XOX – starts with his self-identity and transforms by fusing facial sculpture, makeup, and fictional writing into a 3-D assemblage using a myriad of objects from the mundane and throw-away in our daily life. The artist’s shoulders and neck serve as a plinth, highlighting the notion of a symbiotic relationship. His work presents characters that defy gender, cultural backgrounds and beauty norms. Lyle receives numerous donations of objects by friends and fans from afar that have inspired some of these new creations. Each portrait becomes a study in contrast and fantasy, with humour and irony woven throughout.


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