Zhang he – In Rhapsody

Zhang he – In Rhapsody

Zhang He

Zhang he – In Rhapsody

September 20th - October 22nd, 2023

Opening Reception: September 20th & 21st, 5pm - 7pm

“Physicality, spontaneity and expressiveness are integral to my process and as such propel the essence of each composition. Perhaps for this reason or rather unconsciously so, I always paint with the canvas flat on the floor. Despite working with abstraction, each composition remains very figurative and representational to my eyes. My medium of choice over the last 25 years has been oil painting, due to its inherent materiality and richness. This centuries-old medium represents for me the potential for reinvention, in the same way that I seek to bring about an element of renewal to the visual language of abstraction by engaging with the physical and sculptural quality of painting.” – Zhang He

Artist Statement

Through a dynamic language of abstraction, Zhang’s oil paintings convey a visceral engagement with the surrounding natural environment while evoking the depth of human emotions. With a calligraphic execution, his bold and gestural brushstrokes demonstrate a unique physicality and spontaneity, which resonate with early influences of Abstract Expressionism and the Automatistes Movement. The luscious colors and rich textures dictate each composition by accentuating its inherent physicality, and in doing so, add a sculptural quality to the painting.

Every artist has their artistic inspirations rooted in the Masters. For Zhang, the Automoatistes and Abstract Expressionists are close to his beginnings. Other inspirations include Helen Frakenthaler, Chaim Soutine, and Egon Schiele.