Jennifer Kostuik

The subject of Salustiano’s art is invariably the portrait. Portraying his subjects often with the emotion and expression of the glance that creates a connection with the viewer. Salustiano paints using a special pigment – up to sixty layers – from the Cochinilla or Cochineal beetle. This pigment was used by the native peoples of Central America and was brought to Europe by the Spaniards. The presence of dualities becomes more explicit at the visual level of the image representation and composition: a determined and sometimes severe look, contrasting with patronizing gestures or the delicacy of a pair of hands. The timelessness of positions reminding the viewer of classicism or Renaissance, is torn apart by unmistakably modern elements accompanying the portrayed figure, the solemn air of a pose is denied by the ephemeral or vulgar character of the depicted object, or a heightened masculinity is weakened by the coquetry of other elements included in the composition.

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