Carola Compa

Carola Compa has always been fascinated with the concept of the Mobius strip, where the end of something is undefined. This concept makes up the “structural framework” of her current sculpture pieces. They represent the search of logic and of the constant flow of curves that regulate the movement.

The flow of movement of certain marine creatures is also a reference. There are no straight lines and there is no ground to bear. Her early pieces have no base; neither a front nor back and they can be hung or supported in numerous ways.

The choice of materiality has to do with the sensory experimentation of hands in the clay and the satisfaction of touch. The artist can “flow, rock in curves, wander, until [she] find[s] the movement of each piece”. It is the material that sets the temporal and physical limits, she simply looks for them and that gives effects the end result of each piece. The size of the pieces have to do with the size of the artist herself, and what she can work with physically.

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Carola Compa graduated with honors in architecture from Rosario National University, Argentina in 2002. She worked in the field of Interior Design and explored furniture design to then focus entirely on three -dimensional abstract sculptures. Her medium of choice is ceramic. Compa explains, as she builds her pieces, she uses her senses to connect with her sculptures, sensing the touch of the curves that translate into visual spaces that flow through the form. For her, the shapes arise from the trace of imaginary lines- they are the invisible record of the movement in time. The movements emerge from the perception of her body, her bones exploring the space. On other occasions, the form emerges from the conscious observation of the geometries of nature forming a juxtaposed network of curves that build voids, or voids that build curves.

As an emerging artist, Compa has already received national attention in her native country of Argentina. In 2014, Compa was awarded 3rdPlace Art Category for Teapot National Bienal Misiones University and in 2015 a National Award, Ceramic Sculptures at the Exhibition at the distinguished Palais de Glace - National Palace of the Art, Buenos Aires. In 2017 her work was selected for the National Art Fund and the 58th International Art Content in Centro Argentino de Arte Ceramico. She started exhibiting with Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in 2019.


2002 – Architecture, Honours, Rosario National University, Argentina


2022 – 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2021 – Summer Group Show, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2019 – Inner Vision, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC


2017 – National Art Fund, 58th International Art Content in Centro Argentino de Arte Ceramico

2015 – Palais de Glace National Award, Ceramic Sculptures, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 – Teapot National Bienal Misiones University, Art Category, 3rd Place

2017 Inner Vision – View

1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969