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Splash – Special 2020 Edition

Splash- October 24th, 2020 Art Auction for Arts Umbrella was a huge success!

Congratulations to David Burdeny for his donation of “Polignano a Mare (mid-day), Bari, Italy” and to first-time donors James Lahey, who donated “Flight (Canada Goose from Made in Canada part 2)-blue” and Lyle XOX’s who donated “NaCI”. For more information:

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Artist Interview: Lyle XOX

Artist Interview: Lyle XOX ‘I Take Something Without Value and Turn It Into An Object of Beauty’: How Lyle XOX Transforms Trash Into Extravagant Wearable Art The artist’s intricate self-portraits are currently on view in “Intimate Specimens” at... read more

4th Semi- Annual Swim Drink Fish Gala Presents 2019 Art Auction Preview Event at Kostuik Gallery

On Monday, September 16th from 5:30 pm- 8pm, Swim Drink Fish Canada will host its Art Auction Preview: with Robert Kennedy Jr. ambassador for Water Keeper Alliance as the speaker.

Showcased works will be auctioned off at the 2019 Swim Drink Fish Gala on September 28th at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. 

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Made in Canada

James Lahey

James Lahey, painter and photographer is presenting new oil paintings from his well received collection “Made in Canada” showcasing “Flag of Canada” and “Canada Geese” and a selection of works from 2016 onward

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