David Burdeny

David Burdeny – 10 Countries, 2023

February 8th – March 10th, 2024

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 8th, 5-7pm

Liminal space is the theme for this new series. Featuring an array of nostalgic scenes, complete with colourful buildings, antique cars and idyllic cloud formations, each photograph seems like a postcard from the past.

“These images were collected slowly over the past few years  as singular events. Seen here, curated as  a whole,  they are evocative of a time long gone, a moment in history, places we imagine or imagine to be. I see them as part of the limen, thresholds between then and now which connect us to the basic human condition of ephemerality, the notion that nothing lasts forever.  Printed in large format, the scenes are a confection with infinite depth and layered vantage points that  invite the viewer to re-read them over time – questioning where you are and what you see.” – David Burdeny