Ghislain Brown-Kossi

In Brown-Kossi’s latest series, titled Artifact, the artist pushes the boundary of his earlier exploration of a juxtaposing concept: the archaeological pop artist. After a recent trip to numerous countries of his roots, including France and the Ivory Coast, Brown-Kossi explored museums and archeological sites of Afro-descendant frescoes, carvings, and other historical and contemporary art pieces. Using this inspiration, Brown-Kossi is hoping to restore society to our ancestral beginnings. One important reference is the contribution of ancient Egypt to the evolution of the written word as we know it.

The textured surface in Artifact is made of built-up plaster and sand, which point towards the past. The contrasting vivid pop colors act as signal to the present and future. In this way, the artist is simultaneously portraying multiple timelines and exploring their connectedness. The recollection of what has been lost and what is yet to be discovered in the future is another underlying theme in this new work. Additionally, the artist is interested in archival methods of museums and private collections and the repatriation of historical artifacts to their rightful owners, often Africa. The naming of each piece, 22:22 for example, references the idea of a future archival system yet to be in place for his works. The symbols on each artwork are a continuation of previous series, namely Symbols and Believe, and they invite the viewer to imagine a new language and question its origin.

Artist Information

Born and raised in Lyon, France, Brown-Kossi experienced great diversity throughout his childhood and schooling. His family’s heritage from the Ivory Coast and Ghana further provides the artist a background full of dialects and mixed language history. Presenting his first photographic exhibition in an apartment in Paris, he has since had many exhibitions in France, England and Canada.
Currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Brown-Kossi has been accepted into the 2023 artist residency program at La Napoule Art Foundation, France. His first solo exhibition in the Ivory Coast, Africa was held in February 2023 at LoiSimone Guirandou Gallery, along with curated shows at Future Artifact II, Dal Schindell Gallery and the French Culture Center, both in Vancouver, BC
His art was featured in Art Hole Magazine 2021, London, UK, in group exhibitions Art Rich 2021 at the Richmond, BC Arts Coalition, the Evergreen Gallery, Coquitlam, BC and is part of a 4 person exhibit at The Gibson Art Gallery in 2022, curated by France Trepainier. He is also a member of several Professional art associations.


Ghislain Brown-Kossi


Residence: Vancouver, British Columbia

Born: 1983, Lyon, France



Selected Solo Exhibitions


2024     BlackUmoja, Alliance Francaise, Vancouver, BC

2024     UMOJABLACK, Trinity Western University SAMC Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2023     AKWAABA, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2023     Future Artifact II, Dal Schindell Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2023     Future Artifact, French Culture Center, Vancouver, BC

2022     Believe, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2021     Are We Still Together, Port Moody Arts Center, Port Moody, BC

2019     Mindset, Alliance francaise de Vancouver, Vancouver, BC



Selected Group Exhibitions


2023     Symbol System, Gallery Louise Simone Guirandou, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

2022     Deck the Wall, Idaho, USA

2022     Artist Residency, Réseau N.O., Saskatoon, SK

2022     Splash, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2022     25th Anniversary Group Exhibition, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2022     Place, Gibson Public Art Gallery, Curated by France Trepanier, Sunshine Coast, BC

2022     Emerging, Seymour Art Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2021     Art Rich, Richmond Arts Coalition, Richmond, BC

2021     Place, Evergreen Gallery, Curated by France Trepanier, Coquitlam, BC

2021     Non-Essentiel, Studio 17, Vancouver, BC

2021     Spotlight, Federation of Canadian Artists, Granville Island, BC

2020     YacYacTacTac A Virtual Show of Artist Multiples, Vancouver, BC

2020     Place, Two Rivers Gallery, Curated by France Trepanier, Prince George, BC

2019     Bastille Day Festival, Yaletown Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver, BC

2018     Galerie Nomade 1.0, Main Alley Building, Vancouver, BC

2017     Emerging Artists, Roam Gallery, Vancouver, BC



Selected Publications


2023     Archaeological Pop Art, Georgia Straight, CA

2022     L’EXPRESS Magazine, FR

2022     Webouest Magazine, CA

2022     Create! Magazine, Issue 31, Digital

2020     Art Hole Magazine, Art Hole: 10, London, UK




2020     Art Theory, MoMA, NYC, online



Professional Associations


Member Canada Council for the Arts

Member Federation of Canadian Artists

Member Le Collectif, French Visual Artists from British Columbia

Member Port Moody Art Centre

Member Seymour Art Gallery

2023 Georgia Straight

2022  Create! Magazine Issue 31 Article

2020     Art Hole Magazine, Art Hole: 10, London, UK