Carola Compa and AJ Oishi

Inner Vision

Exhibition continues to April 10, 2019

Inner Vision focuses on the similar desires and aesthetic presentations of ceramic artist Carola Compa and painter AJ Oishi.

Introducing the paintings of AJ Oishi, this US based artist incorporates the use of thousands of equally measured circles of paint that radiate in color apparitions from a bull’s eye composition.  AJ’s art making employs her science background with a drive to exude an emotive inner response to her outside experiences.

Kostuik Gallery is equally pleased to to introduce the ceramic works of Argentina based Carola Compa. Based on her studies in Architecture, it is the shapes that arise from the trace of imaginary lines- they are the invisible record for her of the movement in time. The movements emerge from the perception of her body, her bones exploring the space, hence her forms much resemble those of skeletal structures.

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