Marco Querin

My life has been one of constant change and adaptation, both unsettling and exciting conditions by which one can still grow and thrive, but that can make it difficult to anticipate outcome and overall direction. Consequently I am intrigued by all that can be controlled. My fiber-based work has, in itself, characteristics derived by this reality such as fragility, tension, elasticity and equilibrium, and only through a precision-based controlled execution, my work comes to life and tells a story that has a clear beginning and an end in sight.

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Marco Querin is a former resident of Milano, Italy and therefore grew up in one of the world’s most renowned regions for fashion, visual art and architectural design. His fondest childhood memory is the way the light would cast rays across his home’s furniture, rugs and other accessories, breaking up the colors and creating new images to ponder. Querin imprints his demands on his materials, looking for three-dimensional solutions for his world of ideas.His extroversion of the traditional canvas is conveyed through a mixed use of fabrics, textiles (thin cottons or silks, thick and rustic wools or rope) and even household materials (PCV tubing, copper, wire) create abstract compositions of color fields, geometric design elements in his own formal language - a nod to the aesthetics and expressions of ground breaking artists such as Mondrian, Kandinsky and Agnes Martin.

There is a Child in Mewas Querin’s 2016 solo exhibition at IMOCA –The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art and was comprised of wall mounts and installation pieces. Querin has shown in numerous international venues including exhibitions in London UK, Dubai and Mumbai. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marco Querin

Born: 1978, Italy

Solo Exhibitions

2019Gallery 924, Arts Council of Indianapolis, USA

2016There is a child in me!, iMOCA Indianapolis, USA

2015Ichinen, Kuaba Gallery, Indianapolis, USA

2010​ ​“Fili Conduttori”, Gallery Studio, Milan

2009​ ​“Linealineapuntolinea, SuperstudioPiu, By Glores Sandri, Milan

2008“trame astratte”, Varart Gallery, By Vanna Razzolini Vichi, Florence

Contemporary Art, By Giorgio Bonomi, Milan

Palazzo dei Sette Museum, By Giorgio Bonomi, Orvieto, Italy

Group Exhibitions

2018Auction, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Conduit Gallery, Project Room, Dallas, USA

Axis Architecture, iMOC, Indianapolis, USA

2016The Future Past, By Anne Surak, Art+Place, Central State Hospital, Indianapolis, USA

2015Temporary Suburban, By Michelle Grabner, IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, USA

2013Benefit Auction, World Childhood Foundation, Italy

“The Masks We Wear”, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London

2012Italian Artists in Monte Carlo

East Wing X, Courtauld Institute or Art, London

Milan Jam, By Day and Gluckman, Collier Bristow Space, London Art Fair, Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy

“About Women”, Galleria Studio, Milan

2010 Quipus, Fiber Art Exhibition, Rossano, Italy

“Eastern and Western traditions linked by a Washi paper thread”, Tokyo, Milan

2009“Plaza- 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall, in collaboration with the Foreign Consulates of Milan, J &G Art Studio Gallery, Milan

CONmunication, Nhow Hotel, Milan

2008“Trame”- Kairos, Galleria d’ arte contemporanea, By Cristina Marinelli Catanzaro, Italy

“Cristalli di Rocca”, By Giorgio Bonomi, Rocca Grimalda, Italy

Masters of Brera, Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai

Art Fairs

2011India Art Summit, Stark Projects, New Delhi

2010Art Fair, Kunstart 12, Bolzano, Italy

2009​ ​ST’ART, Strasbourg

​ ​Art Elysees, Paris

Bergamo Arte Fiera, Bergamo, Italy

Kunstart, Bolzano, Italy


2007Fine Art & Antiques Fair, Dubai

SFJAF, Shanghai

          Cornice, Venice International Art Fair, Venice

Corporate Collections

Cummins Inc. Indianapolis, USA

Gandini Fasterners, Milan, Italy

Collezione Manuli, Milan Italy

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