Mareo Rodriguez

My work explores the strength of the topography and natural territory, conceived as an energy living mantle constantly moving; Epidermal stratification wrought by time, with a telluric language emerging, pressing, gravitating, revealing through the landscape.

I seek to cover different scales within my artistic approach, from the massiveness of the mountains and rocks, through its decanting process and fragmentation up to the stone as the basic unit.

I am interested in the matter as condensation of light and its process of transformation and expansion of energy over time, releasing weight to return to the origin.

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Barcelona based and Colombian bred sculptor, painter and architect Mareo Rodriguez’s work is filled with the grittiness of natural territory: mountains, rocks, waveforms and lava. Nature, the ever-changing topography of the mountains and the condensation of light and its process of transformation and expansion of energy over time are his biggest inspiration. At the essence, as he says, “matter is condensed light”. His work is constantly moving like a tectonic plate and depicts beautiful earth forces. “I seek to cover different scales within my artistic approach”. Mareo has previously exhibited internationally in Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Emirates, and England among others.

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