David Burdeny


Saturday, July 18th - Sunday, August 16th

Opening date: Saturday, July 18th, 2-5pm with artist in attendance

“multiplex: consisting of many elements in a complex relationship” is the apt description of our newly created exhibition. As followers of David Burdeny’s career (and Instagram postings) may have noticed, his travels to Japan, Kenya, China and elsewhere have been postponed, which has resulted in the artist having to halt finishing some projects for now. However, with loads of studio time at hand, Burdeny has dived into his slew of archived images and completed final production touches of several unreleased photographs.

Multiplex presents a mix of new works and never revealed images from several photographic series, including SALT, Cuba, Kenya, Saudade and Oceans. Softly lighted Egyptian pyramids, colorful Hong Kong city scenes, romantic fall leaves in Paris, a newly released panoramic NETS, and stunning black and white portraits of African animals are among the variety offered in this artist’s selection.

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