Ancora, 2011

Artist Statement

Ancora, the Italian word for ‘still’, is a collection of 30 new photographs made during the fall of 2010 and winter of 2011   Inspired partly by the words of various travel writers, bloggers, and Joseph Brodsky’s book, “Watermark”, David Burdeny revisited many former locations and themes from previous images of Japan and courted new areas in Thailand, Vietnam and Hawaii.  
Alone and moving about by foot, car, boat motorcycle and happenstance, the artist sought moments he saw and felt as beautiful, delicate, and mysterious and recorded them with lengthy exposures shortly before dusk or dawn.  As in much of his previous work, Burdeny once again found himself working in rain, fog and mist  – marginal conditions that effectively eliminate extraneous background clutter and deep shadow, to provide minimal and slightly surreal presentations – signature to a Burdeny photograph.Pushing the themes of 2009 Sacred & Secular, the artist experiments with a more social landscape, incorporating the human form into what would have previously been an unpopulated environment. Photographed from distant vantage points, these figures reference the romantic tradition where small humans figures stand in contrast to an immense landscape, thereby reinforcing the notion we are close, but still to far from nature.The photographs are exposed with a 4×5 and 8×10 field camera onto slow speed colour transparency film.  Filtering the light at the moment of exposure, which involves a variety of neutral density and coloured filters, achieves the soft color palate. Further adjustments were made at the printing stage to achieve a common color density throughout this exciting new series of images.

Artist Biography

Vancouver, Canada, based David Burdeny has exhibited with the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery since 2001, showcasing his images from the world over, including Antarctica, Iceland, Brazil, China, Burma, Cambodia, France, Italy, Canada and the USA. Known for his finely composed photographs, David Burdeny has spent the past 20 years exploring a variegated photographic Landscape ranging from minimal seascapes, ornate European interiors to abstract aerial images. Widely collected in Canada, the USA, Asia and Europe, the sheer beauty of David’s images has firmly placed him within the realm of Canada’s most sought after photo-based artists. David’s willingness to take risks, eschew dogma and continuously pursue his innate curiosity for new subjects and themes has become a signature element in his work. Be it mounting a camera beneath a self -built drone, shooting from the deck of an Antarctic bound icebreaker or waiting for an ocean tide to advance, David faithfully imbeds his own formal signature into each and every image further expressing a lifelong passion for the built environment and the camera’s interpretation of it. Distinctly David Burdeny, the photographs are rigorous yet graceful, inviting the viewer to form their own narrative as if they too were passing through space or gazing into the horizon for the very first time.

David Burdeny’s Masters in Architecture and Interior Design background combined with his upbringing in the vast Canadian prairies provides the template for his keen technical ability, enduring patience and minimalist aesthetic. Recently moving from using large format film to now the finest available digital cameras and precision optics, his images are rendered large and detailed. A Bright Future- Photographs of Russian Subways, Theaters and Palaces 2015 received an explosion of media interest, especially in the UK and Russia. Burdeny was in New York City to receive his First Place Award from IPA for Avata Metro Station, St. Petersburg, Russia in the Category of Historic Architecture, and was interviewed for the most recent articles for The Guardian UK and Wired publications amongst several others. In 2012, the Ancora Series of 2010 was exhibited at the Centre for Photographic Art, Carmel CA, Curated by Richard Gadd. Burdeny has won several gold awards in international art photography competitions, most significantly receiving International Photographer of the Year in the Nature category for Canada, revealed at the Lucie Awards Ceremony in New York City, October 2008. His first book Shorelines sold out in both the limited collector edition and trade publication. He has 10 Limited Edition Photographic Series currently offered and is represented by other art dealers in Canada, the USA and Europe. His second hard cover book is A Bright Future, 2015 with text by esteemed writer and translator, Rosamund Bartlett.


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