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Artist Statement

Building on the metaphor of the “dome of heaven” as a visual container holding what we know, I am creating a body of work consisting of acrylic hemispheres ranging from bowl-sized to six feet in diameter. Initiated in silverpoint drawing on the convex surface and completed with fiber optics, programmed LED’s and videos housed within, these domes are a visual embodiment – a download of sorts – of what it feels like to be alive while in conversation with contested cosmologies.

As a “conceptual voyager” I visually play with the frothy flux created when scientists and artists imagine, and each work posits, as George Johnson suggests science does, “…a glorious human construction, an artful fitting of the data into a carefully crafted mental framework, a construction of towers that just possibly might have been built another way.”

Artist Biography

Carol Prusa received her B.S. in Bio-communication Arts from the University of Illinois Medical Campus at Champaign-Urbana. She went on to study painting and was awarded a M.F.A. in painting and drawing from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa. She currently teaches painting as an Associate Professor of Art at Florida Atlantic University. Prusa’s unique works have been exhibited in numerous curated group and solo exhibitions and continues to be offered grants and fellowships. Recent International Solo Exhibtions include La Salon Vert, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017 and Bluerider-Ary Taipei, Taiwan, 2016. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art collection and the Telfair Art Museum. Prusa’s work traveled in the Triennial Exhibition of German and American Artists curated by the American Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, exhibited at the Museum for Angewandte Kunst - Frankfurt and at the Museum of Arts and Design. She recently received the Howard Foundation Fellowship from Brown University to produce a new body of work. The Sun-Sentinel said of her work: “Carol Prusa has turned to the Renaissance technique of silverpoint to create work that is daring and fresh...(her) silverpoints are works of compelling originality, possessing a quiet, magnetic strength.”


Abundant: $6,000
Emergent: $6,000
Fertile: $6,000
Unfolded: $6,000
Overflow: $8,000.00
Pause: $1,500.00
Rebirth: Please see current bid

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1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969