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Artist Statement

Future Memories, Nuit Americaine, Danube and Other Worlds are four series of complex worlds characterized by the tension between realism and imagination. As the artist started playing with digital photography, Nelson felt that a single photograph was not expressing her personal experience of the landscape and the story of the world she perceives. Created from numerous source images photographed by her, Nelson digitally “paints” together sometimes hundreds of images into new, imagined and personal landscapes. Continually using the sphere or circle composition, the viewer either enters the center with an explosion of color and form from the outer rim, or the center is a three dimensional push offering the viewer minute details of fish swimming or butterflies about to fly out into the real world. Nelson’s themes of water, air, light and earth are combined with the drama and narrative of time, presenting captive and beautiful renditions of life on our planet.

Artist Biography

Catherine Nelson is a visual artist who uses modern technology as her paintbrush. After completing her studies in painting with a degree from NSW College of Fine Arts, Australia, Nelson moved into the film industry creating visual effects for films such as Moulin Rouge, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 300 and Australia. In her career as a visual effects artist at various film studios around the world, Catherine was exposed to the latest digital techniques but it was her painting education that formed her eye and vision for her contemporary landscapes to which she now dedicates herself.
Since her debut exhibition in 2009, her art has been exhibited in International Art Fairs and Solo and Group exhibitions in Sydney, Australia, Bejing, China, Seoul, Korea, Berlin, Germany, Paris, France, New York and Los Angeles, USA. The artist is originally from Australia and is currently based in Belgium. Her first exhibition in Canada was Realiteit, Four Photography Artists and their Reality, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver Canada, 2013.


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