Free Standing Sculptures

Artist Statement


Devine’s aesthetic is nonrepresentational and minimal, producing forms that are often improvised, highly expressive and organic in movement. His use of color runs within the Pop Art genre – vibrant yellow, red and blue – to natural renditions of black, warm bronze and ethereal white. Repetition of form, placement and minimalistic patterns create a sense of balance and harmony in his art. Whether wall mounted or free standing, the use of shadow play is elemental in his overall composition, which is a delicate balance between control and chaos.

The search for harmony and balance is the driving force behind my work. The use of systematic repetition, intentional minimalism, and controlled multiplicity and themes quell my inner struggle. Drawn to the strength, subtle beauty and endurance of steel, bronze and aluminum, I welcome error in my process, as it is a constant reminder of the trials in life and as an artist. In my current work I strive to convey the bright, vibrant colors, organic surroundings and organized chaos of California that surrounds me each day.

Artist Biography

Matt Devine is a self-taught sculptor working with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and bronze. Born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1975 and raised in New England, Devine moved to California in 1995 where he learned how to weld and fabricate while working closely with his father. He continued on at various fabrication studios honing his craft and developing a passion for metalwork and sculpture. Functional and architectural works gave way to non-representational sculptures, which he showed at galleries with increasing frequency and success. The freedom of having no rules or boundaries with sculpture was especially appealing to Devine. In 2004 he was able to transition to full time artist. The contrasts of nature and industry, light and shadow, chaos and order are themes found throughout Devine’s body of work. Pared-down organic shapes are formed out of sheet and solid materials and welded together in harmonious accord, making the heavy metal appear as light as paper. These contrasts, plus the relationships of patterns and boundaries, address Devine’s desire to contain chaos and push out the discord of an information-saturated culture. Even the process of welding has become a retreat from cultural noise. Devine’s sculpture is currently on display at highly-regarded fine art galleries across North America and Europe. His sculptures can be found in private, corporate and international collections on five continents. Devine currently resides with his wife and daughter in Petaluma, California.


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