The Painted Photograph- Portraits

Artist Statement

The Portraits series explore the abstracted representation of culturally popular film characters in a tongue and cheek style. These artworks abandon traditional painted and photographic approaches commonly associated with portraiture where visual realism is key and facial and/or figurative expression is conveyed. Instead, pictorial “likeness” is reduced to the subject’s observed colour within their respective film narrative using hand-sculpted brushstrokes of paint. The subjects become essentially colour caricatures of their original selves as defined by Tiffany’s signature teal blue in Holly Golightly #438. Each inkjet “portrait” is printed on watercolour paper and housed by a thick walnut frame which mounts flush to the wall.

Artist Biography

Judy D Shane's photographic artworks explore an interdisciplinary dialogue between painting and photography that question the space between the two disciplines from both manual and digital perspectives. By using focally stacked photographs to examine the micro world of hand painted brushstrokes as seen through the macro lens, she creates large scale photographic composites that exhibit a three-dimensional realism and a hyper-materiality while remaining grounded in a two-dimensional format. Her work continually navigates between the real and the unreal, and provides the viewer with a magnified sense of rich colour and detailed texture that cannot be so easily observed by the naked eye.


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