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Artist Statement


“In the case of Verbicky, I sense the drama of a neo-Baroque quality which has in recent bodies of work employed both words, logos, icons and designs to convey a fast flowing surface which embodies the frenzy of today’s digital domain, systems pattern logic and the perpetually shifting tides of our social vortex… Comprising assemblage, bricolage, and classical collages utilizing highly stylized layers of logos and typefaces often drawn from an immense archive of contemporary and vintage magazines, they are methodically executed in enamel or resin on panels. The diptych alone seems to paradoxically convey a kind of secular cathedral installation, a hyperactive Van Eyck altarpiece for our digital age, with corporate entities, products and commercial messages replacing the customary saints. Yet their spiritual aspect, and their affinity for a secular religion of commerce, is also part of the serious perceptual and conceptual foundation he constructs for their alluring charm as 21st century icons” Donald Brackett, 2016

Artist Biography

In 2010, Canadian born, California based, Verbicky absorbed multiple West Coast surf and music cultural influences into his work. His extensive experience as a DJ is also reflected in the work, resonating visually via the overlapping and intersecting visual “tracks” that he utilizes in the construction of his profoundly complex image structures. The recursive, opulent element demonstrated by the artist is illuminating in fact, reminding us of the most accurate descriptions of the Baroque sensibility: movement imported into mass; dynamic composition with exaggerated motion; clarity of abundant detail producing dramatic tension and exuberance; intense overload and a sense of overwhelmingly immersive sensual experience. Notable private collections include that of the developer of the NY World Trade Center and CEO of Aecom, (Verbicky’s large canvas ERA Series) along with the esteemed private collection of the Tisch family (founders of the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and the Tisch Galleries at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art) and the San Diego Museum of Fine Art, CA. In 2008, Verbicky’s work was selected for a 110 year-old juried exhibition at the Louvre, in Paris, France, by the Societie Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Other international exhibitions range from Berlin to New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Diego. Verbicky also collaborates with philanthropic organizations by contributing his artwork. In 2017, he received a personal invitation from Robert Kennedy for the Sotheby’s art auction to benefit Kennedy’s Waterkeeper Alliance foundation for cleaner water worldwide.


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