Levels And Construct

Artist Statement

This new work came out of the artist’s experience with his previous series, The Dowsing Rod Series, which relied on technical perfection and a removal of “touch”. These new paintings are experiential in themselves; they are touched, rubbed, scratched, marked, erased and distressed. Cutshaw is working on individual birch wood tiles that allow him to deconstruct imagery and thereby create broken images. Just like a puzzle, the viewer’s mind wants to re-assemble the pieces and use what is there to create what is not there.  While these works may appear spontaneous, Cutshaw does not allow for the accidental. Every piece, every mark; whether it is painted, drawn or scratched is intentional. The artist’s hand, his touch, his construction is the center of each work.

Artist Biography

Based in Calgary, Alberta, CurtisCutshaw received his B.F.A from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 1989. While still a student, Cutshaw was accepted to the New York Loft Program through the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design where he was mentored by well known American artists Peter Halley and David Diao. After graduation, Cutshaw then attended the prestigious residency program at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Skowhagen, Maine, USA, and was the first artist from Calgary to be accepted since 1973. British artist John Walker and American artists Terry Winters, Connie Fox and Bill King mentored him. Cutshaw has shown across Canada and in numerous international exhibitions and his work is included in many collections including Alberta Foundation For The Arts, Cenovus Energy, Encana Corporation, Mount Royal University, Shell Canada Limited and Wilson Laycraft LLP. Kostuik Gallery has represented Curtis Cutshaw since 2000.

Curtis Cutshaw’s mediums have always included painting and drawing. In 2005, he developed a unique approach to drawing where he acts as the “medium” through which dowsing rods, held by the artist, move when water is found underground. With pens on paper held beneath them, several layers of lines are recorded, much like a seismograph. They are then scanned, enlarged and colored, each image sized according to the scale. His work has progressed into painting and collage on panel to his newest series of assemblages, a combination of found signage and repurposed wood. His artist statements reflect his preference to relay the story of discovery and relation in his mind in the fruition of a new series and then later the evolution of his thoughts over the time span of the series life.


25 Saturdays – $6,900
Garden – $8,000
Haven – $7,350
Follow Up – $2,100
Changes –  $2,500
Murmur – $1,300
Scape – $1,300
Survey – $1,400
Bolt – $1,300
Collection – $2,400

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