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Artist Statement

Printmaking is a highly technical process of art making that evolves only with patience and practice.  There are many types of methods for making prints. In his most recent work, Oxley uses both Etching and Monoprint to convey his message to the viewer. Monoprints have the closest relationship to painting out of all printmaking forms. Selecting a copper, zinc, or plexi-glass plate, the artist begins to make a series of marks, scratches, or drawings on this surface with a variety of objects in either ink or paint.  By placing the plate on a printing press, the artist carefully positions a piece of rag paper on top of the plate and heavy roller slowly moves over the plate, embossing and transferring the image to paper.  If at this point the artist wishes to add to the work, using Chine Colle, the artist is able to layer color, tones, marks, images, and text to his work. The Chine Colle process makes use of Japanese Rice paper that can be tinted, marked or written upon. Chine Colle is then adhered to the rag paper using archival glue, during the printing process.

Artist Biography

Stu Oxley is an outstanding Canadian artist with a 30-year history of exhibitions in national and international, public and private galleries. Primarily working as a printmaker and painter, his practice is defined by a distinctive form of poetic abstraction involving evocative colour and exquisitely responsive mark making. As a Master Printer, Oxley has also made a very significant contribution auditioning prints for numerous distinguished contemporary artists at Riverside Studio, the print shop he runs in Elora, Ontario. Oxley earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Waterloo and has for the last fifteen years been an extremely supportive and effective instructor of art, teaching at notable post secondary art programs such as Georgian College and the University of Guelph. Stu Oxley has realized twenty-six solo exhibitions of his artwork, including regular exhibitions at prominent art galleries such as Mira Godard Gallery in Toronto, Jennifer Kostuik Gallery in Vancouver, Jill George Gallery in London, England, and Paul Kuhn Gallery in Calgary. Included in numerous private and public art collections such as the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Museum London, the Maclaren Art Centre, the Nickle Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Stu Oxley has also been awarded recognition with a Purchase Award by the Ernst and Young 'Great Canadian Print Prize'. A significant high point in Stu Oxley's exhibition history is a catalogued, international solo exhibition at the Naughton Gallery at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland in 2011.


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