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Artist Statement

The varied landscape and atmospheric light qualities of Vancouver Island have continually served as inspiration and are explored and portrayed in Steven Goring’s paintings. Rock outcroppings, piles of rubble, and earthy mounds have prompted his current research of ‘tumulus’ or ‘tumuli’, the Latin word describing a burial mound. For the artist, man made mounds that naturally blend into the landscape have a silence that is mysterious. The theme of a constructed object creating a mystical abstract response intrigued him. Further reflection on the topic eventually led Goring to construct mounds in his landscape abstractions. Shapes blend together to create layered compositions with shimmering, undulating light, earthy hues, and exceptionally fine brushstroke detail.

Artist Biography

Steven Goring is a graduate of Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, with a diploma in Fine Art Cinematography and an apprenticeship in colour reproduction. Self-taught as a painter, Goring has been represented exclusively by Jennifer Kostuik Gallery since 2004, and has since exhibited in several regional art shows and International Art Fairs. Goring is based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
His relocation from large urban environments to a more isolated community, with a studio surrounded by the ever-changing atmospheric occurrences of a West Coast island, has informed his art immensely. Goring has been influenced by abstract expressionists, such as Barnett Newman, and the music of composer Phillip Glass. His art evokes qualities of light, often infused with iridescent colors, and expanding thoughts of space, by employing extremely fine hand drawn and painted lines, both on panel and paper. In his 2009 solo show, Surrounding, he exhibited the stunning 7 ft x 19 ft Surrounding (Clearing) canvas on daily and seasonal movement of Light. Goring’s work is represented in private collections in Canada and the US.


No. 49: Sold
No. 48: $13,000.00
No. 45: Sold
No. 44: Sold
No. 42: $9,000.00
No. 40: $11,000.00
Paper #15: $2,000.00
Paper #14: $1,600.00
Ruin #3: Sold
Tumulus 8: Sold
Tumulus 2: Sold

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