Reconstructing Personal Mythology

Artist Statement


A series of photographic narratives based on stories that had a great affect on me as a child.

As a child we learn values and ideals from storytelling.  Whether the stories were experienced first hand or happened thousands of years ago storytelling is a highly influential method of learning.  As an adult a handful of stories are vividly etched in my mind as still images.  The stories have been twisted and contorted and thus have become my own personal mythology.  The exercise of attempting to reconstruct these myths that are trapped in my mind allows me to better understand what is essential and valuable to me now.

Artist Biography

Philip Jarmain grew up near London, Ontario, with part of his childhood spent in Switzerland, Ireland and several trips to Mexico, his mother is a textile artist and father an entrepreneur, with many relatives based across the border in Michigan, USA. A childhood love of storytelling led to early fascination with film, photography and cameras with short dramas shot with an 8 mm wind-up camera becoming a side passion. His training was in film (Vancouver Film School) and years spent honing his craftsmanship as a lighting technician for feature films and episodic television and stills photographer for film. Currently based in Vancouver, BC he has been recipient of multiple Lürzers Archive and Communication Arts awards as well as other international honours for his commercial photography work. American Beauty is Jarmain’s debut art photography compilation.


48 x 92 inches image size Edition of 10
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36 x 69 inches image size Edition of 10

24 x 46 inches image size Edition of 10