Artist Statement

In Portals, Rodriguez is exploring the strength of the Earth’s natural territory as conceived as an energetic and living mantle that is constantly moving and evolving. It is the raw energy of our earth that he is interested in conveying through his art. The Portal paintings employ natural elements of raw linen canvas with the sheen of black lava paint, or gold and copper leaf, providing the paintings with a reflective and light-emitting quality. Mareo also creates sculptures entitled Mantles that resemble ripples of white or black metal on the wall. Unique to this exhibition is a LED light crack that resembles a lightning bolt suspended from the ceiling of the Gallery. Finally, his other relief-style sculptures, made of layers of plexiglass, convey topographical renderings of the natural world. The use of the earth’s materials in the Portal paintings (gold, copper and linen) mimic the organic compositions of his Mantles and Relief sculptures, all together reminiscent of “chiaroscuro” presented in a sophisticated style of minimalism inherent in Rodriquez’s overall aesthetic. The strong contrasts of white and black with his glowing cracks, fissures and undulating curves resembling those discovered in rivers, mountains, lava forms and deserts. They invite the viewer to the unexplored space and to reflect and imagine possible worlds beyond. In many ways, Rodriguez’ artwork is a true tribute to nature and the questions that arise from it.

Artist Biography

Mareo Rodriguez is a multidisciplinary artist born in Mexico City, raised in Colombia and based currently in Barcelona Spain. Growing up in Medellin City, Colombia, Rodriguez was surrounded by majestic mountain scapes, which later inspired him to artistically explore the many minerals and formations that make up the Earth. Rodriguez gained a B.A. of Architeture at UPB Medellin, a Master in Design at Elisava Barcelona and a Master in Arts at UNA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has exhibited extensively and has participated in different fairs and projects in North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Significant projects include “Arte nel Bosco” Land art project in Italy (2016), “Viaggio” at Palazzo Ferrero in Italy (2018), “Carre Latin” at Palais Royal in Paris (2018), and the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival in Emirates (2018 and 2019). Other important exhibitions include his Illumia NFT monolith event in Miami (2021), his “Portals” solo exhibition presenting 4 installations at Valetta Contemporary in Malta, Spain (2021), his participation in the Istanbul Triennial (2022) and his “Wavelength” installation at the Times Art Museum in Beijing, China (2022).


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