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Paintings – Stu Oxley

Artist Statement


Artist Biography

Stu Oxley, MFA, BA Honours, is represented by Jennifer Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver BC; Mira Godard, Toronto, Ont.; Paul Kuhn Gallery, Calgary AB; and Jill George Gallery, London, England. His work is represented in numerous public and corporate collections across Canada. In 2011 Stu Oxley is having a solo exhibition at the Naughton Gallery at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland. A Master Printmaker, he owns and operates Riverside Studio in Elora, Ontario, where he has worked with many established artists, including John Kissick, Joe Fafard, Tony Scherman, John Hartman, Stephen Hutchings, Tony Urquhart and Tim Zuck, among others. He is also a Professor of Drawing and Printmaking at Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario.


Distant Ground 1: $2,700 Unframed | $3,000 Framed
Distant Ground 2: $3,000 Framed
Distant Ground 4: $2,700 Unframed | $3,000 Framed
Distant Ground 5: $2,700 Unframed | $3,000 Framed
Distant Ground 11: $2,700 Unframed | $3,000 Framed

Untitled Monoprint A: $2,400 Framed
Untitled Monoprint B: $1,200 Unframed | $1,450 Framed
Untitled Monoprint C: $1,200 Unframed | $1,450 Framed
Untitled Monoprint D: $1,400 Framed
Untitled Monoprint E: $1,200 Unframed | $1,450 Framed
Untitled Monoprint F: $1,450 Framed
Untitled Monoprint G: $1,200 Unframed | $1,450 Framed
Untitled Monoprint H: $2,000 Unframed | $2,400 Framed

1070 Homer Street,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 2W9, Canada

T. 604.737.3969
E. [email protected]