The Overview

Artist Statement

This body of work began as an investigation into space travel and the ways in which it is changing us. 

A select few human beings have been gifted with seeing the whole Earth from space, back dropped by the blackness of the universe. For each of those people the experiences have been unique, but the perspectives they acquired have been collectively expansive. Breaking the bonds of Earth has proven to be a more important leap than the technology it took to get there. 

While human evolution as a result of travelling further into space seems inevitable, the universe beyond our earthly origins remains, for most, the heavens; a last frontier where we can dream freely about what it means to exist. After the loss of my father this year the ideas in this body of work and their confluence have offered a tangible sense of contact with the connectedness of all things. 

– Whitney Lewis-Smith, 2024

leP“The universe is made up of spirit and matter. They are not separate. The bridge is consciousness.” – Edgar Mitchel, Astronaut Apollo 14

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