Stuart Robertson

Things We Leave Behind

January 26th - February 19th, 2023

Opening: January 26th, 5pm - 7pm and January 28th, 3pm - 5pm

Kostuik Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition of new artworks by Vancouver-based, British-born artist Stuart Robertson with the artist in attendance. Stuart Robertson’s small and intimate artworks play homage to many historical and renowned artists, architects, inventors and writers, some famous and others long forgotten. He incorporates pieces of original typeset, vintage postcards, photo images, book covers, film reels, and tin boxes, all collaged with vivid watercolours and luminous silver and gold leaf. Robertson’s influences include Yves Klein, Johannes Gutenberg, The Irascibles, Marcel Duchamp, The Lumiere brothers and the Bauhaus and Brutalist movements. Featuring 25 new works from 10 x 6 to 33 x 33 inches framed.

“When I looked at old photographs it was not only the fact that these were representations of memories, pictorial quotes of life, but also thought of the inventors of photography and film, of writing, and letter writing, and printing; things of the past, now largely replaced by digital media, that have shaped our lives. I would come across old pictures and letters in flea markets and in books, ways to communicate and educate that I had always taken for granted. I began to work with these ideas and the imagery they generated. I stared at my thoughts and drawings of these ideas and learnt more about myself in the process. I felt more alive as an artist than I had ever felt before.”          – Stuart Robertson, 2023

Things We Leave Behind