Whitney Lewis-Smith

Whitney Lewis-Smith is a Canadian photo-based artist. Her work uses a combination of historic and modern photographic processes as a means to speak on contemporary topics, most recently discussing consumerism, commodity accessibility, and globalization’s impact on the environment. By referencing dutch golden era floral tableaus, Whitney highlights the evolution of humanity’s relationship with the planet. A painting from the 17th century displaying various flora and fauna that could never have existed together has now become a reality to almost anyone at the tap of a button. Her seemingly living moving scenes are made predominantly using insects, animals, and plants that have died, but this only becomes apparent upon close inspection. The result is a subtle tension, engaging the viewer’s fascinations and fears. Lewis-Smith challenges viewers’ distance from the ecological; her pieces evoke childlike curiosity while simultaneously directing us to consider the profound environmental changes we are giving rise to.

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Lewis-Smith works predominantly in Canada. She attended the Studio Arts program at Concordia University where her focus was in painting, drawing, and sculpture. She completed her photographic education at the School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa where she is currently a full time college instructor in Studio and darkroom techniques. In 2014, Lewis-Smith was awarded a one-month production residency at the Arquetopia Foundation for the Arts in Mexico in tandem with the museum of natural history there. Her work sits in prominent private collections in Canada, the United States, England, Spain, Mexico, and Chile, as well as in the private collection of Sophie and Justin Trudeau, The Beaverbrook Art Gallery of New Brunswick, Maison Simons collection, SUMMA Contemporary Art Fair’s permanent acquisitions, and in the Ottawa City’s Public Art collections of 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

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Artist Information

Artist Website: whitneylewissmith.com

Whitney Lewis-Smith is a photo-based artist who works primarily with 8x10 glass plate negatives and elaborate set building. She is currently examining Biophilia, a term coined by renowned psychologist Erich Fromm describing how humans possess an innate tendency to seek connection with nature and other forms of life. As of 2008 The United Nations says more than half of the world lives in cities and the average pre-teen recognizes more video game characters than common wildlife. With today's accelerating technological advancements Lewis-Smith has become preoccupied with the evolution of humanity’s relationship with the natural world. During a production residency at The Museum of Natural History in Puebla, Mexico she worked with specimens that became a catalyst for her recent series discussing consumerism and the environment. Drawing from the “impossible bouquet” originating in dutch golden era painting Whitney uses the photograph to document what can now be amassed in the flesh, by internet purchase or otherwise, highlighting how globalization impacts the way we interact with the world around us. By depicting scenes that will again become an impossibility Lewis-Smith asks the viewer to recognize our current time as a passing moment.



2011     Diploma, Photography, The School of Photographic Arts, Ottawa

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021     From Here at the Threshold, Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2019     Underbrush, Permanent Large Scale Installation for COMMON GIRL, Ottawa, ON

2018     The Impossible, St. Laurent + Hill Gallery, Ottawa ON

2018     ONTOGENY, The SPAO Centre Gallery, Ottawa ON

2018     Heloigravure, Zopilote Inc., Mexico City, Mexico

2017     TRANSFIX, St. Laurent + Hill Gallery, Ottawa ON

2014     Natural Fascinations, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa ON

2011     The Amarantos, La Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa ON

Group Exhibitions

2021     Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA

2021     The Anatomoy of Oddity Studio Series Group Exhibition, Mexico City, Mexico

2021     Clavo Movimento for CDMX Art Week, Casa Versalles Cultureal Centre, Mexico City, Mexico

2021     Botanicus Group Show, Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle, WA

2020     A New Light: Canadian Women ArtistsPresented by The Embassy of Canada in Partnership with Canada

Council for the Arts, Embassy of Canada, Washington, DC

2020     Exposicion Colectiva de Los Residenes de Cobertizo, Jilotepec, Mexico

2020     Casa Pixan for CDMX Art Week, Mexico City, Mexico

2019     TERRAMATTER, City Hall art Gallery, Ottawa ON


2019     Plastico Arqueologico, Circulo Cubano de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

2019     Light and Dark Drives, El Consultorio, Mexico City, Mexico

2018     VESSEL: On Gender, General Assembly Collaborative Production Space, Ottawa ON

2017     Contact Photo Festival, Arta Gallery, Toronto ON

2014     Part Stradivarius/Part Scalpel, School of Photographic Arts, Ottawa ON

2014     The Black and White Show, Cube Gallery, Ottawa ON

2014     Developpe (third Edition),National Arts Centre, Ottawa ON

2014     Emerging Artists in Public Collections, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa ON

2014     The Infidels, La Trampa Grafica, Mexico City, Mexico

2013     Post Mortem, La Perrera Arte, Santiago, Chile

2013     The Art Zoo, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa ON

2013     Systems of Identity, Studio 66, Ottawa ON

2013     The Three Show, Exposure Gallery, Ottawa ON

2012     Developpe, National Arts Centre, Ottawa ON


Art Fairs

2021     Este Arte Fair, Uruguay, Virtual

2020     Context, Art Miami, Virtual

2019     Expo Pixan, Bucareli 69, Mexico City, Mexico

2016     Summa Contemporary International Art Fair, Madrid, Spain



2021     Nimmo Bay Lodge, Great Bear Rainforest, Artist Residency

2020     Cobertizo International Resident by Invitation, Jilotepex, Mexico

2019     Production Residency in Colour Heliogravure, Zopilote Inc., Mexico City, Mexico

2019     Inaugural Commissions Program Selectee, The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2018     Ontario Arts Council Production Grant, Biophilia

2018     The Royal Bank of Canada’s Emerging Artist Award, Finalist

2018     Ottawa Art Gallery and SAW Gallery Production Grant

2018     Mexico City Arts Residency

2014     The Arquetopia Foundation for the Artist Residency

2013     Canadian National Magazine Awards Norminee in Portrait Photography Category

2010     Embassy of France’s Concourse Visa pour l’image: Perpignan, Finalist

From Here at the Threshold
June 10th to July 18th 2021

Two openings to meet the artist in person and hear her stories for each image:
Thursday evening, June 10th 5-8pm
Saturday afternoon, June 12th 2-5pm

Kostuik Gallery is pleased to present our first solo exhibition of 10 new photographs; by emerging Canadian artist Whitney Lewis-Smith entitled “From Here at the Threshold”.
The sets for this artist’s photographs were built using materials sustainably found, purchased, or borrowed within Mexico City during the SARS-CoV-2 lock downs. This process requires a high level of technical skill and time-consuming construction by placing one leaf at time. The details in these large format prints, some as large as 6 feet in length, are unparalleled.
“Chimera Fukinagashi Bonsai” (above image) and “Lavanda” (beautiful butterfly specimens placed in gently swaying plants) are the largest framed prints in the series measuring 5 x 6.5 feet. The images, “Lily of the Nile” and “Figs” are featured at the 1 x 1 foot size, suiting the delicacies and intimacy of each creation.
Lewis-Smith is preoccupied with our modern relationship to the natural world and uses antiquated darkroom techniques to reanimate collected specimens. Lewis-Smith draws heavily from symbolism in art history to construct and document her elaborate and imagined sets. Mysterious in their details, the images of nearly extinct animals and fragile ecosystems resemble icons of our current time slipping into history.

BIORGRAPHY Born in Ottawa, Canada, Mexico City-based artist Whitney Lewis-Smith works primarily with 8×10 glass plate negatives to document her elaborate set constructions. Having previously spent time in scientific fieldwork, her staged scenes are created with a wealth of history and cultural chronicles amassed while in the field with research teams, from local healers, and storytellers to sources from the Museum of Natural History in Mexico.

Currently, Lewis-Smith is undertaking a 6-month artist residency to produce a sight specific installation at Nimmo Bay Resort. The resort is a family owned and operated lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada that supports the purposeful evolution of tourism.

Collectors include: Global Affairs Canada, The Honourable Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s collection, SUMMA Art Fair Madrid, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Maison Simon’s collection, and the Ottawa City’s Public Art collection. Lewis-Smith studied Studio Arts at Concordia University focusing in drawing and sculpture.




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