A Bright Future, 2015

Artist Statement


Dating Back to 1935, The Moscow and St. Petersburg Metro was one of the USSR’s most extravagant architectural projects. Under Stalin’s direction, the Architects were directed to introduce the concept of “svet” or light and “sveltloe budushchee” or “A Bright Future”. With their polished marble walls, high vaulted ceilings and ornate chandeliers, the Metro stations have been likened to an “artificial underground sun”.This underground  paradise was to remind its riders that Stalin and his party had delivered something substantial to the people in return for their sacrifices.

Burdeny has themed the series around this notion, showcasing his photographs of 20 of the metro stations and various Russian museums, palaces and theatre interiors. The artist is also working with esteemed writer and translator Rosamund Bartlett, highly regarded in academic circles for completing the latest and perhaps best translation of Anna Karenina (2014)

Artist Biography

David Burdeny’s Masters in Architecture and Interior Design background combined with his upbringing in the vast Canadian prairies provides the template for his keen technical ability, enduring patience and minimalist aesthetic enabling him to shoot on site, documenting sky, horizon and the marks humankind leaves behind. Vancouver, BC based, Burdeny has exhibited with the Jennifer Kostuik Gallery since 2001, showcasing his images from the world over, including Antarctica, Iceland, Brazil, China, Burma, Cambodia, France, Italy, Canada and the USA. In 2012 the Ancora Series of 2010 was exhibited at the Centre for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA, Curated by Richard Gadd. Burdeny has won several gold awards in international art photography competitions, most significantly receiving International Photographer of the Year in the Nature category for Canada, revealed at the Lucie Awards Ceremony in New York City, October 2008. Shorelines sold out in both the limited collector edition and trade publication. Burdeny’s work has been included in corporate and private collections. He currently has 8 limited edition photographic series offered and is art is presented at international art fairs yearly.


59 x 73.5 inches image size, Edition of 5, 2 Artist Proofs Price Tier (unframed)
1: $11,500.00
2-5: price upon request

44 x 55 inches image size, Edition of 10, 2 Artist Proofs Price Tier (regular framed / aluminum mount prices)
1-2: $6,200.00
3-4: $7,200.00
5-6: $8,200.00
7: $9,200.00
8-10: price upon request

32 x 40 inches image size, Edition of 7, 2 Artist Proofs Price Tier (regular framed / aluminum mount prices)
1-2: $4,900.00
3-4: $5,900.00
5: $6,500.00
6: $7,500.00
7: $8,500.00

21 x 26 inches image size, Edition of 7, 2 Artist Proofs Price Tier (regular framed / aluminum mount prices)
1-2: $2,300.00
3-4: $2,800.00
5-6: $3,300.00
7: $3,800.00

Prints are mounted on acid free 3/16″ rigid polystyrene board with acid free cold mount adhesive. Signature, title, date au verso

Aluminum mount:
Prints are mounted on .080 gauge aluminum with acid free cold mount adhesive. Print face is protected with UV laminate. Aluminum wall cleats, signature, title, date au verso.

Plexi Trans-Mount:
French cleat signature, title, date au verso