Landscapes | Remixed

Artist Statement


German based photography artist, Kuettinger’s debut photographic series landscape: remixed is an examination of perception, density of space and time, and horizons, assembled to present stories of landscapes. Single photographic images are stretched, shifted and compressed into one picture frame to create the simultaneous image of a scene. The artist’s intent is to have each single shot of a different point of view be given a new context within the structure of the image, creating possibilities of the landscapes they are based on, not as their depiction. Concentrating on images of land as a result of human interactions, the concept and term of landscapes: remixed is similar to a song remix by a DJ.. The remix is a visual re-editing of the rhythm and shape of the motif as well as the changing of the time, tracking the main aspect of a designed landscape to be elaborated as the concept or idea of the structure of the image. This “customized” construction is created analogously to the selective perception of the observer, thus impressing a memory of the landscape voyage. The resulting impression is either from a dream perspective or a viewpoint one can understand and accept as real. Kuettinger’s art form becomes abstracted panoramas of dynamism or contemplation.

Artist Biography

Georg Kuettinger was born in Munich in 1972. He studied architecture with a main focus on conceptual urbanism at the Technical University of Munich, receiving his degree as an architect in 1999. Georg has been working as a self-taught photography artist since then. His fascination for photography started when he won his first camera at the age of 9 - in a drawing competition on the subject of woods and snakes. A highlight of his career was being selected from artists across Western Europe to have his work featured in a solo booth as a ‘promising emerging artist’ at KIAF art fair Seoul 2008. Küttinger has shown in a wealth of solo and group exhibitions, as well as being represented at art fairs in Europe, Asia and Canada.


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