Artist Statement

This new body of work was photographed on an island off the west coast of British Columbia. It’s part of new series using analog photographic processes to explore contrasts and echoes between the designed worlds of botanical gardens, biodiversity gardens and the natural environment.

Photographing landscapes is not new for me but looking more closely at individual plants, and then using darkroom techniques to suggest their invisible processes, is a new area of exploration. In pinhole photography, light passes through a tiny aperture to alter the chemistry of photo paper or film much as light triggers photosynthesis in plants. For this series I collected plant materials from the sites I was photographing. Using the photogram technique in the darkroom allows the actual plant to touch the photographic image and to leave its shadow adding a poetic dimension to the resulting images.

Artist Biography

Over the past 25 years Dianne Bos has continually explored motifs such as galaxies and constellations, European interiors with light portals (such as windows or doors) and figures presented as light apparitions. Pinhole projections and the camera obscura - Italian for dark room - changed Western thinking of the Earth’s relationship to the sun, and in turn, assisted in transforming the face of art during the Renaissance period. These tools and devices formulate and extend her fascination with journeying, time, and light-forms. Bos is well known for her museum exhibitions that feature handmade cameras, walk-in light box installations, and sound pieces.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Dianne Bos has been called Canada’s “queen” of pinhole photography. Multi-talented, her art practice and interests extend into a variety of creative fields, from being a lead singer and keyboardist for several musical bands. Her photography has been used on several vinyl, cassette, CD and video releases in Canada, USA and Europe, and she has written and photographed for contemporary garden and design magazines. Bos has consistently exhibited photography and installation works in solo and group shows in public and private galleries and museums across Canada and internationally for over 30 years. Along with Canadian Museum and corporate collections, elected collections of Dianne Bos works include Official Residence, Canadian Ambassador, Paris, France, the Canadian Embassy, Brussels, Belgium, and Department of Global Affairs, for NATO Offices, Brussels, Belgium.


18 x 18 inches
Edition of 3, 1AP
$2,200.00 unframed

30 x 30 inches
Edition of 3, 1AP
$3,000.00 unframed

40 x 40 inches
Edition of 3, 1AP
$4,000.00 unframed