Willow Branch / Royer Group

Artist Statement


The Willow Branch series was started a few years ago in my studio as a break from my paintings. The immediacy and freshness of the ink on paper felt like a wonderful meditative exploration to me. I trusted the brain in my wrist to guide my hand and allow myself the freedom and looseness to find the form. With a minimal amount of lines there was nothing to hide behind. The sureness of my eye and the distance I had from the work using sharpened willow branches dipped in ink created drawings that are both elegant and fine.

Artist Biography

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Curtis Cutshaw’s mediums have always including painting and drawing. In 2005 he developed a unique approach to drawing where he acts as the “medium” through which dowsing rods, held by the artist, move when water is found underground. With pens on paper held beneath them, several layers of lines are recorded, much like a seismograph. In his newest series, “Levels and Constructs” Cutshaw fractures and deconstructs images on individual birch wood tiles to create a sense of removal of purpose. Scratched, rubbed, marked, erased and distressed images hint at repurposing and the multiple pieces appear to have had a history, where in fact the artist creates them. They appear spontaneous and “found” but infact every detail is highly intentional. The result is a hybrid of object, drawing and collage. His education includes 1989 residency program Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine, and 1988 Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, New York City Loft Program, graduating with a Diploma of Painting with Distinction in 1989 later receiving several awards in art. Kostuik Gallery has represented Cutshaw since 2000.