Other Available Works

Artist Statement

These works draw from interests ranging from the organic structure of the human body on a cellular level to the graphic language of scientific structures and systems as well as a growing fascination with the ephemeral aspects of memory and perception. This recent investigation has led to the creation of a series of cut steel silhouettes with highly pigmented reverse sides that serve to reflect coloured light onto the adjacent wall bathing the work in a subtle glow or aura which hints at a latent energy or life force.  The afterimage effect of this impression underscores a new desire to explore the sensual rather than empirical aspects of our surroundings – something experienced as opposed to something observed. The imagery employed, ranging from the microscopic (vascular systems) to the cataclysmic (atmospheric electricity) are related in both form and function as complex and active pathways or conduits.

Artist Biography

Currently residing in Chicago IL,- previously based in Toronto, Ontario - Marianne Lovink has been a professional sculptor since 1984 and has been represented by the Kostuik Gallery since 2000. Her mediums are carved wood, precision cut metal and mixed media. Lovink has exhibited her work extensively in public, non-profit, and commercial galleries and has been the recipient of numerous municipal, provincial and federal arts council grants. Lovink is a member of the Philadelphia Sculptor’s Society and Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and has recently completed several large-scale site-specific Public Art projects in both Toronto and Philadelphia. Her work is represented in both public and private collections, including those of The Canadian Consulate, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Osler Hoskin and Harcourt; OMERS; City of Richmond Hill; Atlantis Films Canada, and University of Saskatchewan.


Collage 1-3: $1,250.00
Stem Cell: $5,400.00
Dew Drop (v2): $3,000.00
Pistil: $1,200.00
Counterpart: $6,000.00

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